EI Calc. Vibration analyzer

EI-Calc. FAQ


Is a user manual included with the software?
Yes an English one.

Is the software Loaded in the form of a CD?
Yes a CD is included in the package.

Is the software compatible with Windows XP?
Yes, you will need SP2 and Framework 3.5

Is the software compatible with Windows 7 64 bits?
Yes, it is compatible with windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64 bits.

Will vibration analyzer work with Window Mobile software?
No, in this case a would recommend a touch screen laptop just like Dell Inspiron Duo.

Is there a V-notch magnet base available for accelerometer, for mounting to motor housings (round surface; not flat)?
Yes in fact this magnet base is included in the package.

My application is to check machinery motor bearings. I would like to make several recordings then review and analyze data later. I would like to record information onto small tablet computer (maybe Panasonic Toughbook) then transfer information to main PC for analysis. Can the analyzer and software support this?
Yes, the software Works also under touch screen systems as long a they are under Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

What is the range of the accelerometer?
The range of the accelerometer is from 1 to 6G and the band width is frome 1 Hz to 8000 Hz

Can this do waterfall displays?
Yes, this is also called Time FFT.